Unimanual Perkins Brailler

Why the Unimanual Perkins Brailler

  • Locks dots 1-3 until either dots 4-6 are added or spacebar is depressed to accommodate brailling with one hand.
  • Same great features as the Classic Perkins Brailler: Durable, can use for complex math and language, and time tested.
  • One year warranty, repair service trainings and repair service centers throughout the world, ensuring that any problem with your product is resolved quickly.

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Features & Specs

  • Locked dots, as noted above in the details section
  • Full right and left margin adjustments to accommodate any paper size and line centering
  • Round paper-feed knobs to enable easy paper loading and unloading
  • Metal carrying handle
  • Fast response time between typing and output
  • Ergonomic design for ease of typing
  • Audible bell sound seven spaces before end of line
  • Carriage release, full horizontal movement between margin stops
  • Braille output conforms to American National Library Service for the Blind Size and Spacing Standard
  • Includes user manual in both print and braille
  • Includes leather dust cover
  • Extension keys available for purchase

Product Care & Repair

You should take care of your unimanual the same way you would take care of your Classic Perkins Brailler.
Repair Services

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Manuals & Downloads



What is a unimanual brailler?

  • A unimanual brailler is designed for someone with the use of only one hand. On this brailler, the keys will remain depressed on the left hand side and not spring back until each braille letter is complete (there is a locking mechanism which holds the keys down).