Repair Training Workshops

Become a Certified Repair Specialist

Perkins offers two repair training workshops that are designed to teach the skills required to do everything from basic maintenance, to the most complicated repairs. Perkins will issue certifications of completion to those who complete both weeks, and advertise them on our webpage.

We host on-campus workshops every summer. If you are unavailable during the summer, please email for more information.


Workshop Details 

Perkins Solutions’ brailler repair workshops are designed to be taken in sequence. The first workshop provides the necessary foundation skills for the second. After completing the second workshop, we will issue you a certification.

Basic Maintenance and Repair

  • Objective: Introduce brailler users and potential brailler repair specialists to the Perkins Braillers, and focus time on inspecting a brailler, cleaning and lubrication, understanding spare parts, how to use the service manual, and how to perform basic troubleshooting and maintenance on a Perkins Brailler. View our full agenda.
  • Price: $1,025, includes tuition, daily breakfast and lunch, a product manual, a tool kit, and a cleaning kit.
  • Length: One Week
  • Dates: TBA - Summer 2019
  • Prerequisite: None 

Advanced Repair and Troubleshooting

  • Objective: Build upon the Basic Maintenance and Repair Workshop and focus on developing competency in dismantling, troubleshooting, and repairing Perkins Braillers. View our full agenda.
  • Price: $1,125, includes tuition, daily breakfast and lunch, a product manual, a tool kit, a cleaning kit, and a spare parts kit.
  • Length: One Week
  • Dates: TBA - Summer 2019
  • Prerequisite: Basic Brailler Maintenance and Repair 


Why Attend

Everyone is different, so the reasons for learning how to repair braillers are different too. Maybe you’re tired of the wait time in-between repairs, maybe you’re interested in starting a new hobby, maybe you’re a teacher sick of looking at all of the broken braillers in the back closet, maybe your local repair technician just retired, or maybe you’re a parent wanting to better understand the machine your child uses.

Regardless of the situation, by learning how to repair Perkins braillers with our highly adaptable and personalized workshops, you can:

  • Restore braillers that have been out of operation for years
  • Reduce the costs your school incurs with repairs
  • Reach your individual repair goals
  • Reduce the time your braillers are inoperable by eliminating having to send them out for repair
  • Offer a new service in your local community
  • Replace a retired technician
  • Better understand your kid’s needs

What to Expect 

  • Hands on Learning: we operate under the assumption that you only learn if you try. A significant amount of time is spent working on breaking down and rebuilding braillers
  • Adaptable Curriculum: we allow class participants to dictate the speed and content of the class. Once the basic course content is covered, if everyone is more interested in one sub-component, then we like to increase the time spent on that subject.
  • Testimonial: "The skills I have gained through attending the repair workshops have allowed me to begin my own repair business in Australia. - Chris Papasavva, New South Wales, Australia
  • Testimonial: "Attending the brailler repair workshop gave me friends on 2 other continents and 10 people from around the US. After returning home we had numerous exchanges through email when people were trying to remember a certain aspect of the workshop or notes we had taken. We supported each other. The camaraderie was invaluable." - Gina Carr, Illinois, United States

Meet the Team

All workshops are run by Perkins Certified Training Staff, all of whom are fully certified technicians with a combined 65 years of experience in brailler repair.



Will housing be available during the on-campus workshop?

  • Yes, please check-out our housing registration form for more details on amenities and rates. Reduced rate housing will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I do the workshops anywhere?

Can I take one workshop at a time?

  • Yes
  • You do not have to take the second workshop, Advanced Repair & Troubleshooting, at the same time you take the first workshop, Basic Maintenance & Repair.
  • However, the Basic Maintenance & Repair is a prerequisite for the Advanced Repair & Troubleshooting workshop.
  • We have several people who take the Basic Maintenance & Repair in one year, and then take the Advanced Repair & Troubleshooting workshop the next year. 

Can I do the workshops if I’m blind?

  • Yes, we have had several folks who are blind complete our training. With that said, there are aspects of the course that may be more difficult given the hands on nature of the course. Please contact us to discuss the accommodations we can make for you.

What are the worst brailler conditions you’ve ever seen in the repair center?

  • The three worst braillers ever sent for repair were a brailler that had been rolled between a train and a cement platform, used as a chuck for the wheel of a truck on an incline, and a brailler that had been shot with a 357 magnum 3 times. The train and truck braillers needed to be replaced, but the one with the gun shots was repaired and sent back to the owner.


Dates for our Summer 2019 workshops have not yet been set. Please contact if you are interested in exploring alternatives for learning repair services.