E Clip Tool, A-050
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Group picture of e-clip tools for size comparison; highlighting A050 tool

E Clip Tool, A050 Clip

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Retaining Ring Applicator Tool, A050 Clip - tool used in the repair of braillers. Tool allows you to install standard redial retaining rings quickly and correctly.
  • Supports retaining ring 40-0216-0-0
  • Ring Size: 0.125"
  • Blade Width: 0.500"
  • Blade Length: 1.438"
  • Tip Length: 0.375"
  • For Use With: 6LC51, 5DE45 and 5CB91
  • Current Part Number: 08-0036-0-0
  • Applicable Braillers: Perkins Brailler, APH Light Touch Brailler, Electric Perkins Brailler, Large Cell Perkins Brailler, Large Cell Electric Perkins Brailler, Unimanual Perkins Brailler, SMART Brailler┬«, Next Generation Perkins Brailler

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