Level 1 - General Maintenance - All Braillers - Starter Kit
Cleaning pan that comes with starter kit

Level 1 - General Maintenance - All Braillers - Starter Kit

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The level 1 - general maintenance starter kit for all braillers includes everything you need to clean and maintain your brailler in one place.

Items included:

  • One Screwdriver, #1 Phillips, 3" Shank Length
  • One Screwdriver, #2 Phillips, 8" Shank Length
  • One cleaning pan
  • One compartmentalized tray
  • Two acid brushes with 3/8" bristles
  • Two chip paint brushes with 1" bristles
  • One wire cleaning brush
  • Two lint free clothes
  • One small cup
  • One 1.75 oz. tube of lubriplate / aero grease
  • One 2 oz. bottle of brailler oil, with sprout
  • Flash drive with the general maintenance video and the corresponding written guide to follow along with the video 
  • This kit does not include a degreasing solvent such as kerosene. 
Review our repair level key.

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