Service & Repair Workshop Agenda


We sincerely appreciate your interest in the Service and Repair Training program offered by Perkins Solutions’ service organization.   

The sole purpose of Perkins Solutions in providing repair training is to insure that blind people around the world have access to Perkins Braillers that are maintained in good working condition.  Our priority is to train those persons who will have a broad impact in this regard.  We are especially concerned that our “Certified Graduates” will teach others how to maintain, clean and repair the brailler. You will receive a certification after the completion of week two training – Advanced Training & Troubleshooting.

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Training Content

Week One - Basic Maintenance and Repair

This one week workshop introduces brailler users and potential brailler repair specialists to the Perkins Braillers. The basic workshop focuses on inspecting a brailler, cleaning and lubrication, understanding spare parts, how to use the service manual, and how to perform basic troubleshooting and maintenance on a Perkins Brailler.

  • Introduction Faculty/Participants
  • Introduction to Braillers
  • Utilizing The Service Manual
  • Identification of Tools, Assemblies and Parts
  • Cleaning and Lubrication
  • Inspecting a Brailler
  • Basic maintenance
  • Dismantling of Exterior Castings, except Right End Plate and Left End Plate
  • Cleaning of Brailler with Left and Right Plate attached
  • Disassemble and Reassemble Pressure Roller several times
  • Disassemble and Reassemble Beam several times
  • Remove Keys, Cam Levers, Spacebar, Links and Backspace assemblies
  • Remove and Reinstall Mainspring several times
  • Remove and Reinstall Intermediate Gear several times

Week Two - Advanced Training and Troubleshooting

This one week workshop builds upon the Basic Maintenance and Repair Workshop and develops competency in dismantling, troubleshooting, and repairing of Perkins Braillers. This workshop does require a prerequisite of our Basic Brailler Maintenance and Repair.

  • Remove Right End Plate and all Assemblies down to the Left End Plate
  • Practice Reassembly up to Right End Plate
  • Dismantle Carriage and Stylus and Reassemble
  • Dismantle Rear Support and Reassemble
  • Remove and Reset Chain Assembly
  • Reassemble entire Brailler  to good working order
  • Review troubleshooting Guide
  • Overview of Service Manual Utilization
  • Question and Answer session on how to proceed upon completion of training.
  • Certificate Distribution

Required Materials

You will need one of two kits, depending on which course you complete. If you are only completing week one, Basic Maintenance and Repair, you will only need the Basic Repair Kit, equiped with a product manual, a tool kit, and a cleaning kit. If you are either completing both weeks or just the Advanced Training and Troubleshooting, you will need the complete repair kit, equiped with a product manual, a tool kit, a cleaning kit, and a spare parts kit.